Darrin Nason

What am I currently doing?

Career - Darrin Nason 

VP Sales (Monelle Designs)

Over 22 Years of Jewelry Experience with only two companies. Specializing in:




Product Development

Sales Management

Jewelry! 20+ Years of experience in the jewelry business. I have spent the better part of my work on manufacturing side of the business. Customer Service, Production Manager, Inventory Control, Office Manager, Sales Analysis, Merchandising, Pricing, Sales Management, and VP Sales 

Family and more

I have a beautiful wife and one beautiful daughter that is currently in her last semester of college. Recently  we had our family pet pass. Our Dog Bandit. 

My activities that I enjoy: 
Ice Hockey
Dirt Bike Ridding
ATV Ridding 
OHV Ridding
Ocean Kayaking
Body Boarding




Born in the San Fernando Valley in 1968. Lived in Encino California for 9 years. Moved to Maui Hawaii for 4 years. Moved back to California and lived in Lake Balboa California for 30 years. Currently living in Chatsworth which is also located in Southern California.  


Fan of the great outdoors. 

Favorite Sport - Ice Hockey

Favorite Activity - Camping

Children - 1 Daughter currently studying in College

Family Pet - Dog (Boxer)

Active Business Owner.

1/3 Partner in 3Built llc. A company started in 2006 that currently sells Remote Engine Shut Off Switches. For more information about the Remote Switches please visit www.3built.com 

I am one of the three in 3Built. A limited liability corporation started back in late 2006. My partners and I are currently helping the little off road enthusiast stay safe when learning how to ride. Take a look at our product. www.3built.com 

Remote Kill Switch by 3Built

About Darrin Nason