Darrin Nason

Where to Ride?  Click here to get information and directions to some of the most popular ridding areas in Southern California

Redondo Beach. Kayaking with Humpback Whales. What a great experience!

​​It's Hockey Season!

Utah 2015. Great Vacation. Started in Temple Mountain trip ended in Moab.


Favorite 2015 Trip

One of the Three Partners that  started 3Built llc over 6 Years ago. 3Built llc manufactures "Remote Engine Shut off Switches". These devices are used for many different applications. The  main use is to keep the little off road enthusiast safe when learning how to ride their motorcycle or ATV. Designed to shut off an engine at the first sign of trouble. Keeping little ones  safe when learning how to ride. Check it out www.3built.com   3Built Facebook Page

Summer Fun

Stanley Cup Chanps

2012 & 2014

Small Business Owner